Our Divisions

TOPS - Technology . Oriented . Project . Solution

ALITKAN TOPS is a leading contractor in advanced hospital projects. Since the early 80s, it has participated in most major hospital equipment packages and imaging departments. A highly qualified and reliable technical support team consisting of over 180 university graduates, who are trained by the major multinational companies in Europe and the U.S.A, are the backbone of each project's success covering SIEMENS Healthcare and Industrial projects. AL ITKAN TOPS has proudly implemented and completed contracts worth hundreds of millions USD for over 30 years in service.

Technical Services

TOPS supports operations and services 24/7 in the areas of :

-Medical units such Imaging systems, radiotherapy, oncology, endoscopy, operating rooms, etc.
-We have an installed base of over 5000 units all over the country.
-Industrial products.


-Ministry of Health
-Ministry of Higher Education
-Ministry of Science and Technology
-Ministry of Oil
-KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government)
-All Iraq's provincial health department

-Private hospitals and centers

Division's Capability

AL ITKAN TOPS (Technology Oriented Projects Solutions) is capable of executing single contracts of up to $70 mil each, covering an annual turnover of $300 mil. Including projects in: Healthcare sector, industrial facility projects.

Division's Turnover

65% medical projects
35% special projects (non medical)

Project Management

We have extensive knowledge in project management in the following:

-Hospital Equipment Packages
-Turnkey Projects
-Architectural Design And Construction
-Service and Maintenance

AL ITKAN TOPS takes full responsibility for: Design - Engineering - Procurement - Supply and Installation - Construction - Training - Operational Startup - Maintenance.

Medical - Supply, Maintenance and Repair Contracts:

Supply Contracts:

-Imaging Equipment: CT, MRI, Ultrasound, PET-CT, Angiography, etc.
-Endoscopy Equipment.
-Radiotherapy Equipment.
-Linear accelerators.
-OR Equipment: Anaesthesia, Operating Tables and Lights.
-ICU Equipment: Servo Ventilators and Monitoring.

Maintenance and Repair Contracts:

-All equipments are covered by a 3 or 5 year uptime service maintenance contracts nationwide, including parts, labour and system upgrades.