About us

Our advanced team combines 36 years of experience in healthcare, with the headcount of over 300 engineers and professionals, achieved the range of more than 650 complex and challenging projects in different domains of healthcare in Iraq.

We take on a vast range of jobs that include designing hospitals using dedicated tools, complex structural projects and conception of an innovative solution as well as sever testing on the field. We work with the finest tools and use the most advanced technology.

The experience of many decades combined with daily passion has enabled us to provide specialist healthcare solutions to our clients which not only meet but exceed their expectations, needs and requirements.

Our vision

Integrating valuable deliverables that ensure lifetime partnership with our customers providing optimal healthcare complete technological solution are desired.

Our mission

Creating an advanced healthcare environment in Iraq by supplying best in class equipment and committed services.

Our values

1. Modernize and build next generations capability in healthcare and nationalize the support and services.
2. Motivating the Iraqi’s technical capabilities with training and upgrade our customer service with ultimate care and transparency.
3. Increase the touch-points in healthcare to most advanced and high-quality deliverables in Iraq.