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ALITKAN is the advanced business partner of SIEMENS Healthineers, VARIAN, IBA, KARLSTORZ, GETINGE, MAQUET and ENRAF NONIUS in IRAQ. The influence of the medical image in healthcare is constantly growing. Diseases are detected earlier and treatments become more effective. When its usage is expanded beyond the field of diagnostics, entering the arenas of prevention and therapy, it can significantly contribute to lowering costs in healthcare on a global scale.

Our engineering team work hand in hand with our clients from design concept through functionality specifications, custom designing, commissioning and ongoing support. Our business focus is to transform our clients operational performance through a premium system that is technologically advanced whilst remaining both reliable and user friendly.

We work with customers all over Iraq providing unique and innovative healthcare solutions which are individually customised for their specific requirements. We have offices in Baghdad, Erbil, Sulaymaniyah, Najaf and Basra. Our broad range of services include:

- Imaging systems
- Radiotherapy systems
- Oncology centers
- Operating rooms
- Laboratory equipments
- Industrial solutions
- Energy solutions

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Alitkan provides client focused healthcare solutions. We specialise in more than you think.

TOPS is leading contractor in technology projects. Since the early 80s it has participated in most major hospital equipment packages and hospital imaging departments ...

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ALITKAN acts is an independent division of the company providing high technology building services, design and contracting for the civil and construction projects directly relating to the mother company and its principles such as SIEMENS, VARIAN, IBA, KARLSTORZ, GETINGE, MAQUET and ENRAF NONIUS ...

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ALITKAN agencies is the sole agent of the following manufacturing companies: SIEMENS, VARIAN, IBA, KARLSTORZ, GETINGE, MAQUET and ENRAF NONIUS...

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